Newly appointed American Trucking Associations Chairman Ray Kuntz addressed Women In Trucking (WIT) members a reception in Orlando during the recent Management Conference and Exhibition.

Kuntz, who is president and CEO of Watkins Shepherd Motor Lines in Helena, Mont., said, "We can't keep expecting to take drivers from other companies. We need to look at ways to make this industry more female friendly and the Women In Trucking Association is working toward that goal."
Ellen Voie, WIT's chairwoman, thanked the carrier executives for their support and announced that the newly formed organization had already grown to over 700 members. She told the group, "We are excited to be able to turn this traditionally male dominated industry's focus to attracting and retaining women, both in the cab, under the hood and behind the desk."
"Our board of directors represents a diverse cross section of the trucking industry," Voie said, "and their influence has spanned a combined total of 265 years in trucking. With the level of experience these women bring to the organization, we plan to bring positive changes that will not only benefit women, but will make trucking more attractive for everyone and will hopefully change the image we represent to the non-trucking public."
In addition to hosting a reception at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition, WIT representatives visited with attendees during the exhibit, adding 80 new members at the event.
WIT is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments and minimize obstacles faced by women in trucking. For more information visit