Oil Purification Systems (OPS) is a patented, simple-to-use onboard oil cleaning system that continuously removes both the solid and liquid contaminants from engine oil, so that the engine runs with clean oil all the time.

With the OPS-1 keeping the oil clean, you can eliminate routine oil changes and reduce your oil maintenance costs by 80 percent or more, the company claims. Instead of changing the oil at every service interval, you simply change the filter, sample the oil and send it to a lab for analysis. The oil is changed only when it is recommended by the lab results.
Using this method, customers are able to go hundreds of thousands of miles between oil changes, and are measuring oil change intervals in years instead of months.
Once you eliminate routine oil changes, the benefits quickly add up. It is not unusual to reduce oil costs by 80 to 90 percent, directly related to reducing costs associated with oil consumption, filters, labor time, and waste oil storage/disposal. In most cases, the OPS-1 pays for itself in 6 to 10 months.
The OPS-1's ability to add protection to the engine was recently documented in a bore scope study that compared engine wear on an OPS-1-installed engine to wear on an engine without the OPS-1. Analysis of the bore scope images and physical examination of the engine components showed markedly less wear on the OPS-1 installed engine.
Adopting the OPS-1 as an equipment maintenance practice is also good for the environment. By reducing oil consumption, customers also reduce the environmental issues associated with handling oil - spills, drinking water contamination and waste oil handling/disposal.
The OPS-1 is now used by hundreds of fleets on thousands of vehicles in trucking, public transit, construction, mining, government and more. Its performance is backed by data from thousands of lab results on thousands of vehicles. For more information, call (203) 926-6855 or visit www.ops-1.com.