Watkins and Shepard Trucking Inc. recently received a Workforce Training Grant (WTG) from the Montana Department of Commerce (MDC), intended to boost the economy in Montana by helping new and expanding businesses
offset the cost of training workers.
Watkins and Shepard will receive $315,000 to help pay for the training of 63 new drivers in Montana over the next year. Because of this WTG, the cost of four-week training at Watkins and Shepard's driving school has been reduced from $4,000 to $1,000. Drivers are only required to put $250 down, and the remaining $750 is spread out over a year with weekly payments of $15.
"The high cost of driver training keeps a lot people from pursuing driving as a career," said Ray Kuntz, Watkins and Shepard's CEO and current chairman of the American Trucking Association. "This grant helps us make driver training a realistic opportunity for everyone."
Montana's primary sector WTG program is a state-funded program targeted to businesses to help create jobs and boost the state's economy. Almost $4 million is available for the program annually. Watkins and Shepard has opportunities for student graduates and experienced drivers, with open positions for company drivers and owner-operators. Call 800-548-8895 or visit www.wksh.com.