A new concept called GasLimit has been launched to help businesses and consumers control the cost of both unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. GasLimit integrates a groundbreaking platform into its web site
(www.gaslimit.com) that enables companies and individuals to quickly and easily set a cap on their fuel prices based on the average price in their location and the amount they consume.
GasLimit provides a price protection plan that caps the per-gallon cost of fuel to protect against incremental rises as well as sudden price spikes. The only cost of the GasLimit program is a small per-gallon service charge.
"Our goal in developing GasLimit is to offer both commercial and residential consumers a unique way to make their fuel expenditures a predictable expense," said GasLimit CEO Sam Ritter. "And we have created a system that makes the process as easy and user friendly as possible."
Benefits of the GasLimit concept include accurate forecasting of fuel costs, stable long-term fuel pricing for business customers, better management of personal and family budgets for consumers, and overall peace of mind in the face of volatile fuel markets.
In addition, the program is convenient since users are not required to purchase fuel at specific stations, use a special card, or save and submit receipts.
The automated, database-driven GasLimit platform utilizes the user's vehicle information and projected fuel consumption along with government-published average prices to calculate the proposed cap. Users simply answer a short series of questions on the GasLimit web site to start the process.
For commercial users, price caps can be set based on a selection of geographic levels (local, regional, national) to match the company's transportation profile. If the government-published price rises above the cap, reimbursement is provided on a weekly basis for the difference on each gallon of fuel protected.
GasLimit fuel management consultants are available to assist users in setting their projected fuel consumption level and tailoring the program to their individual situation. Fuel price cap agreements can be set up for periods ranging from one month to one year.
GasLimit has completed a bonding and insurance arrangement with Wesco Insurance Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Amtrust Financial Services Inc., a licensed insurance company.
Headquartered in Rockland County, N.Y., the GasLimit management team has more than 20 years of experience in bringing energy products to the PC.