Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America's heavy-duty truck division has announced that its starters now have a "standard" position with all of the major Class 8 truck manufacturers in North America.
The company's starters went into more than half of all Class 8 trucks built from January to May of this year.
"Since we entered the Class 8 market in 2001 our goal was to produce a quality, reliable starter for the heavy truck industry while expanding our dealer network," said David Stone, executive director for Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America's Powertrain, Body and Chassis unit. "Our strong relationships with all of the major truck manufacturers enable us to make our starters available through thousands of dealerships of all brands."
Under the "All Makes" program, Stone added, OEM dealerships can support repairs and replacements for nearly 80 percent of all Class 8 trucks built since 1998 - with as few as eight OEM "genuine" part numbers.
"Dealerships have responded very well to our All Makes effort, which includes starters and alternators," said Stone. "It means less inventory for them to stock, track and move, which helps their bottom line."
Weighing only 29 pounds, these starters allow for easier installation, improved fuel economy and increased payload potential, and feature innovations that include:
• Planetary gear reduction
• Sealed design
• Integrated magnetic relay
• Solid-shaft solenoid
• Electrical soft-start technology

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