Penray has reformulated its Winter Pow-R Plus BioDiesel fuel treatment with additives to help improve cetane, lubricity and fuel economy, as well as reduce emissions.
"BioDiesel is here and Penray's new Winter Pow-R Plus
BioDiesel fuel treatment provides the best solution in the industry," said Joel Gresmer, national sales manager.
New Winter Pow-R PlusBioDiesel fuel treatment is ULSD compliant and ready for use in BioDiesel. It works great in everything from BioDiesel B2 to BioDiesel B20. The new fuel treatment improves cold weather starting by preventing fuel gelling and ice crystal formation, reduces cold filter plug point by as much as 30 degrees F, stabilizes fuel and prevents corrosion.
For more information on Penray's Winter Pow-R Plus BioDiesel fuel treatment, contact the Penray customer service department at (800) 373-6729 or visit