Roadranger has released the results of fuel economy tests that it says show a fuel savings of more than 1 percent with use of the newest generation of Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants for transmissions and axles. The tests, which
compared Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants to traditional synthetic blends and semi-synthetic blends, included those that were performed with two major U.S. fleets, and a third that was conducted at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.
"This is a significant finding when you take into account that every 1 percent improvement amounts to about $500 in annual fuel savings per truck," said Rick Muth, lubricants manager for Roadranger Marketing. "The previous Roadranger lubricants were already producing fuel saving benefits of 2 to 4 percent over mineral-based lubricants, so the additional savings is a further bonus."
With the fleet tests, both linehaul carriers realized an average fuel economy savings of 1.029 percent. The Southwest Research test generated a fuel savings of 1.112 percent. Each test adhered to established TMC and SAE protocols, one the SAE Type III 1526 test, the second the TMC/SAE J1321 test, and the third a modified J1376 test.
Roadranger-approved synthetics are required in Eaton's Fuller transmissions and Dana's Spicer axles in order to qualify for extended warranty coverage and up to 500,000-mile initial drain approvals. Muth added that the lubricants meet and exceed transmission specification, Eaton PS164 REV7, and axle specification, Dana SHAES 256 REV C - which were introduced last year to improve low- and high-temperature operation, and provide better protection against gear wear in high-horsepower, high-torque, high-speed and heavy-load applications. Customers should look for the "REV7" spec on transmission lube containers and "REV C" spec on axle lube to make sure they're getting the latest fuel-saving formulation.
Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants are marketed worldwide and are available for all makes and models of medium- and heavy-duty trucks sold in North America. Roadranger-approved full synthetic lubes are also distributed by other lube providers under many different labels. Customers should always look for the Roadranger label or the Roadranger-approved sticker for the best drivetrain protection, continued warranty coverage and additional fuel-saving benefits.
Additional Roadranger Synthetic Lubricants features and benefits include:
• Synthetic base stocks and high-film strengths better protect components from friction and wear.
• Best protection in severe applications, high loads and extremely cold ambient temperatures.
• Resistant to oxidation at high operating and peak drivetrain temperatures.
• Advance seal conditioning base additives help maintain and extend the life of seals.
• Non-corrosive to copper and other yellow metals common in contemporary drivetrain systems.
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