Water contamination in fuel has always been a problem with both industrial and transportation fleets. In today's engines, with some injector tolerances of 3-5 microns, it has become acute.
Further, the new ultra low sulfur diesel is responsible
for lower lubricity and increased microbial problems. Sulfur is a natural biocide and reducing the content from 500 parts per million to lower amounts (down to 15 ppm in ULSD) is going to be noticed.
QMI Fuel Treatment claims to remove water with a combination of products that create a "hydrogen bond." A water scavenger and two surfactants enhance the water scavenging capacity with no unsafe chemicals used in this process.
The primary ingredient is both water and fuel soluble. One end of the molecular chain is polar and attaches to the water molecule, while hydrogen in the water molecule bonds to the oxygen in the base ingredient. The other end is non-polar and attaches to the fuel molecule, as carbon in the fuel molecule solubilizes in the carbon within the ingredient. Further, one surfactant is soluble in fuel, and the other is soluble in water.
The combination of ingredients creates a synergy to significantly increase water removal from fuel, according to QMI. As a result of this formula, water molecules are held in solution and permanently suspended, and now are combined with the fuel molecule. This suspension is not temperature sensitive and will not separate in response to temperature changes. The water molecule is now part of the fuel molecule, and is consumed in the combustion process.
QMI says that in addition to removing water, the fuel treatment lubricates the injector pump, fuel injectors, valves, upper cylinders and top rings. The product also provides two-stage cleaning to remove harmful deposits from fuel injectors, intake valves and the combustion chambers. Only one product is needed. No alcohol, kerosene or methanol is used in this process.
A DVD is available which illustrates this process, which compares QMI to other fuel additives. For details, call John Mangham Jr. at (561) 630-0747, Ext. 211, or visit www.searchqmi.com.