WABCO, which provides electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission control systems to the global commercial vehicle industry, recently produced its one-millionth transmission automation system at its production site in Hannover, Germany.
The WABCO transmission automation system transforms a manual transmission
into an automated transmission that automatically shifts gears. In manual operation mode the gear change will be performed in accordance to driver demand. The systems consist of the transmission mounted components in a range of configurations as well as the shift lever unit in the cab.
The transmission automation system offers considerable cost benefits to manufacturers, fleet owner-operators.
Hans-Jürgen Sander, WABCO vice president of driveline controls, said: "The reduced costs result from the fact that no clutch pedal, no synchronization and no linkage between cab and chassis are necessary. Fleet owners benefit from reduced wear and maintenance needs as no shift and clutch errors occur and overspeed is prevented by the transmission automation.
A further benefit for operators is the systems ability to change gears in optimum speed range leading to reduced average fuel consumption. Additionally, the transmission automation releases the driver from gear shifting effort, thus increasing the driving comfort and offering better control of the vehicle in difficult traffic situations."
WABCO transmission automation systems are suitable for all heavy- and medium-duty trucks and buses.
WABCO built its first transmission automation system in 1985 and has seen the number of systems sold per year rising from 20,000 in 1990 to nearly 200,000 in 2007. In Western Europe today, approximately 45 percent of heavy-duty trucks are equipped with a transmission automation system. This percentage is expected to increase to 60 percent in the coming years.