Chevron's Lubricants University, an online training resource offering information on technologies and trends in the lubrication and maintenance industry, has announced that archived issues of Lubrication magazine are now available
free of charge on its web site at
Lubrication magazine, a trusted source of information for almost a century, has published nearly 1,000 issues since 1911. The magazine has a history of providing in-depth knowledge and analysis of the lubricants industry, with each issue presenting a thorough look at a subject of interest. With a large portion of the Lubrication archive now available online, interested parties are able to research a particular lubrication area from previous years to increase understanding of the changes in additive chemistry, manufacturing and equipment maintenance.
More than 650 issues of this industry resource, dating back to 1920, have been made available on the Lubricants University web site. Lubrication practitioners and maintenance and reliability personnel worldwide now have access to decades of in-depth articles on a wide variety of lubrication-related topics. The archived issues are indexed by five- or 10-year increments for easy reference and research purposes.
A wide range of topics is covered in the archived issues of Lubrication, including the lubrication of industrial bearings, the characteristics and uses of grease, diesel tractor lubrication and the lubrication of underground mining machinery. Specifically, issues covering topics like used oil analysis could be valuable for some certification exams like those offered by the Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers (STLE).
The Lubrication archives are available free of charge, to anyone visiting the Lubricants University web site. Articles are available in PDF format and can be viewed online, printed or saved from the web site.