Advantage PressurePro is now supplying Flying J locations with its tire pressure monitoring systems through the Flying J e-Store, according to PressurePro CEO and President Phillip G. Zaroor.

Low tire pressure leads to accidents resulting from blowouts, lowers fuel economy, wears tire tread prematurely and lessens stability, handling and braking efficiency. The Department of Transportation claims nearly 4 million gallons of fuel per day is wasted in the U.S. due to low tire pressure.
PressurePro tire pressure monitoring systems are designed to work reliably on all vehicles with pneumatic tires, with pressures ranging from 10 to 199 psi and up to 34 wheel positions. The external sensor design and simple installation of PressurePro allows for effortless maintenance, and offers customers the freedom to easily move systems between vehicles.
PressurePro systems allow drivers to continuously monitor their pressures from inside their vehicle, safely, cleanly and efficiently by using RF signals. The monitor, which displays current pressure readings, alerts when pressures drop by 12.5 percent and again at 25 percent low. The monitor is powered by plugging into a power (lighter) accessory or hardwiring.
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