The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists (ACOFAS) recently held a two-day training clinic for technicians that perform brake, alignment and frame modification services.

This training clinic was held at the Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems training facility in Huntington, Ind., covering the ABS brake system, the ABS 6 Driver assist module and Electronic Stability Programming.
The instructors went back to basics to bring all technicians to the same level. Due the vast experience level of the technicians, they then went directly into brake balance, ABS diagnostics and the ESP. Comments made by some of the technicians included, "I wish I would have had this information years ago, it would have made brake diagnostics so much easier," and, " This new ESP is going to make front end, frame, and suspension modifications a whole new endeavor."
ACOFAS thanks Bendix CVS and their excellent training staff. ACOFAS has held many training clinics in the past focusing on front-end and total chassis alignment, frame diagnostics and correction, front-end modification and enhancements.
The next ACOFAS technician-training clinic is scheduled for the Chicago area, focusing on Suspension Identification and Maintenance. It will be held sometime in September.
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