Major Transport Inc., a Minnesota-based dry van carrier, sold some of its assets to a newly formed company called Major Transport of Indiana. The new company was established by the Oren family, which also owns Dart Transit Co.

The transaction makes Major's freight and customer base available to Dart.
The new company, Major Transport of Indiana, is based in Sellersburg, Ind. as a driver fleet, and contracts its truck and driver capacity to Dart. The two companies will operate as separate but cooperating companies.
The old Major operated primarily in the 11 Mountain States with 250 company drivers. Dart operates with 2,500 owner-operators, primarily east of the Rockies.
"The Dart and Major operating areas are very different, so the two companies complement each other very nicely," says David Oren, president of Dart. "Major's customer base gives Dart access to new freight and great potential in a vibrant market."
Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
"Gaining access to Major's freight in the West is a great opportunity for Dart," says Darin Heinemeyer, recruiting director at Dart's Minnesota operating center. "While Major drivers will continue to haul that freight, this opens up the West to Dart marketing efforts and we expect that in the long run it will provide growth opportunities for Dart's owner-operators. We're very excited about what this will mean for us in the future."