World Trade Association (WTA), a leading independent U.S. tire wholesaler, recently completed its sixth auditing trip to China to ensure the highest quality of production for its Xtreme line of OTR tires.

WTA's auditing team includes former Goodyear engineers with specific areas of expertise, a compounding specialist, design specialist and plant manager, as well as Jim DeChene, vice president of WTA. The team spent two weeks investigating Chinese manufacturing plants to provide current and future production of both bias and radial OTR tires.
"WTA's line of OTR tires, Xtreme Force and Xtreme Load, are the perfect solution for companies looking for a steady supply of quality OTR tires in a market where supply is limited," DeChene said.
WTA's audit team spent 12 hours each day for two weeks investigating seven different plants in China. The team checked every aspect of production, including the plants' overall conditions, raw materials, formulations, production methods and the experience level of its technicians.
WTA has completed six auditing missions in China in just 15 months to guarantee that their Xtreme line of OTR tires is the best quality coming out of China.
"Our goal is to provide a line of OTR tires that will compete with the majors," DeChene said. "We back our tires with a WTA warranty and also provide $5 million of international and $6 million of domestic product liability insurance."
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