GE has made its patented full-length cargo sensor available on both its VeriWise satellite and cellular platforms to all trucking customers. Today, GE is the only company making full-length cargo sensors for the trucking industry
that can monitor the length of a 53-foot trailer.
"Our patented, full-length cargo sensor will help reduce 'bobtail' miles, streamline the scheduling process, and identify and eliminate the unauthorized use of trailers," said Thomas Konditi, president and CEO of GE's Asset Intelligence division. VeriWise is available exclusively through GE's Trailer Fleet Services business, from any branch or at
Unlike other cargo sensors that only partially detect loads in trailers, GE's full-length cargo sensor has the capability to monitor the entire trailer and determine whether it is loaded or unloaded. Even if there were just one pallet inside, or if the trailer contains waste, the VeriWise cargo sensor would detect the partial load. The web interface used with the product would show that the trailer is not yet ready for use. This ensures greater productivity for carriers; and improves driver efficiency.
The VeriWise web interface also uses additional logic to determine whether the trailer is "inbound loaded" or "outbound loaded." The cargo sensor signals create a record so that the carrier can determine and accurately capture detention-billing charges (inbound), or to schedule a trailer for dispatch (outbound). The full-length cargo-sensor from GE takes the guesswork and inefficiency out of the process so fleet managers can expect reliable readings and operate with confidence.