Every time you order the Iron Skillet's famous chicken fried steak this month, you're doing something good for our service men and women. Petro Stopping Centers is donating a dollar to the United Services Organization (USO)
during May for every chicken fried steak dinner ordered at its Iron Skillet restaurants.
Petro will also partner with the USO to launch a national fund-raising campaign at the Iron Skillet restaurants in May to sell USO window decals for one dollar.
Petro recognizes the USO in its effort to improve the morale and well-being of American service members and their families and hopes to see great results from this fundraising effort.
"We want to continue to do good for the community and support our troops in Iraq," said Jim Cardwell, president of Petro Stopping Centers. "We also want to give our customers an opportunity to contribute to the community."
Petro hopes to raise $100,000 for the USO during the month of May. For more information regarding Iron Skillet locations or how to donate to this promotion, visit www.petrostoppingcenters.com.