ALK Technologies has announced a partnership with TMW Systems, which has integrated ALK's Multi-Version Switch (MVS) with its TMWSuite software, enabling carriers to easily integrate real-time data into a single system.

The integrated MVS tool enables PC*MILER users to access multiple PC*MILER versions on the same server.
Accessing ALK's MVS tool via TMWSuite, customers can assign specific PC*MILER versions to individual shippers according to that shipper's contract. TMWSuite will then use the correct PC*MILER version to calculate that shipper's billing miles. Through this new MVS integration, TMW's customers will benefit from the flexibility of matching PC*MILER versions to specific shippers requirements.

Before MVS, older versions had to run in separate computer environments, with separate maintenance costs and setup fees. MVS removes that complication and streamlines bidding and billing processes.
When ALK releases an update to PC*MILER, the new version does not have to replace previous versions. ALK's MVS enables transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies to maintain two or more versions of PC*MILER software on a single computer or network server. This can include the most recent version as well as one or more earlier versions. The integrated version of ALK's Multi-Version Switch supports PC*MILER 14 through the current release of PC*MILER 20.
MVS is an enhanced function of PC*MILER|Connect, easy to use integration software that interfaces PC*MILER routing and mileage functionality with all leading and custom transportation and logistics management software systems. ALK's MVS runs in a Microsoft Windows environment and integrates with TMWSuite.
TMWSuite combines the power of a PC-based client/server system with the flexibility and familiarity of Windows to assure accurate, up-to-date information is shared across the organization. TMW solutions have all been designed to integrate every function of the three key organizational areas including executive office, asset management and back office. That integration of these functional areas provides the control needed to handle ever-changing market dynamics and still come out ahead.
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