Delo brand of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, has introduced the latest member of the product family - Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant SAE 75W-90. The new product,
which offers outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and meets all OEM warranty requirements, is suitable for use in rear axles and differentials for fleets in the commercial transportation and construction markets.
Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant SAE 75W-90 also meets SHAES 256 Rev C, a newly developed specification by Dana to be introduced in the second quarter of 2007. The specification resulted from a need for a gear lubricant that can handle greater power densities at lower operating temperatures. The product is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant designed to provide improved performance in subzero temperatures.
A specification requirement for the SHAES 256 Rev C is the Kinematic Viscosity (KV), which entails operating procedures be run at -40ºC. With the new specification, customers may benefit from improved equipment durability, less churning losses, and fuel economy gains - particularly at low operating temperatures.
Delo Synthetic Gear Lubricant SAE 75W-90 Benefits:
• Extended drain capabilities
• Exceptional performance in a wide range of operating temperatures
• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
• Meets all OEM specifications and warranty requirements
Chevron's Delo Synthetic gear oil is available April 1, 2007 in pail and drum sizes.