Stemco and SkyBitz have teamed up to offer mileage readings in conjunction with real-time trailer tracking for commercial fleets and trailer-leasing companies.

By partnering together, SkyBitz and Stemco will provide a direct interface between their primary product lines to enable accurate mileage readings for every trailer. Using a wireless module installed with the SkyBitz GLS 200 trailer-tracking unit, the Stemco TracBAT wireless hubodometer transmits mileage updates, along with the vehicle location data, to the SkyBitz InSight web site. These TracBAT mileage reports can easily be downloaded into Microsoft Excel for customer billing as well as preventative maintenance scheduling.
“Through this alliance, SkyBitz is the first trailer-tracking provider to enable up-to-the-minute mileage with every real-time trailer-tracking report,” said Roni Taylor, executive vice president for SkyBitz. “This capability is especially attractive to trailer leasing companies because they can now run mileage reports each month to bill their customers without having to physically read the hubodometers.”
“Having access to actual mileage readings will take the guesswork out of scheduling preventative maintenance,” explained Ken Veit, director of business development for BAT RF by Stemco. “Thanks to our partnership with SkyBitz, fleet maintenance teams can eliminate unnecessary calendar-based PMs and instead schedule maintenance based on actual mileage.”
Stemco and SkyBitz are also planning to introduce interfaces for other critical sensor applications that monitor key vehicle components for predictive equipment maintenance.