DriverTech, a firm that provides onboard computers for the trucking industry, said U.S. Xpress Enterprises has adopted the DriverTech DT4000 TruckPC with Tri-Mode Communications for significant rollout throughout its fleet.

Max L. Fuller, CEO and co-chairman of U.S. Xpress, said, “After months of intense testing and scrutiny, we selected the DriverTech system on the basis of ROI and performance in the cab. We believe that this system represents the next generation of in-cab communication products.”
The DriverTech DT4000 TruckPC, running WindowsXP, is designed specifically for in-cab use in the transportation industry.
“This system is going to revolutionize the way we support our drivers and satisfy our customers,” added Fuller.
The DT4000 TruckPC provides a long-awaited innovation in on-board communications for trucks. Leveraging a true Tri-Mode communications system (satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi) to deliver intelligent least-cost communications between the driver and dispatch, the DT4000 provides communications at a fraction of the traditional airtime costs associated with over-the-road communications. Because the DT4000 runs WindowsXP operating system, a broad spectrum of applications, from fuel optimization and GPS navigation, to fuel tax and hours of service reporting, can now be run simultaneously in the cab.
“We’re particularly excited about expanding services to our drivers and making their jobs easier to perform,” said Jeff Seibenhener, vice president of technology for U.S. Xpress. “The more connected they are in the cab, the better our fleet performs.”
U.S. Xpress has designed a driver portal that will allow drivers to see real-time information, communicate with one another, receive training content remotely, and enable in-cab education through Transmarket’s In-Cab University. U.S. Xpress will also utilize TREAD-1 computer-based driver training modules enabled by Transmarket’s In-Cab University.