An Intercontinental Fuels (IFL) terminal now offers biodiesel 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an easy to use, convenient wholesale distribution terminal located in North Houston near Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Gulf Hydrocarbon Inc. opened the wholesale biodiesel facility in Houston, Texas, mainly for petroleum jobbers and distributors in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

The facility allows bobtail trucks and transport trucks to add 100 percent agri-biodiesel fuel (B100) to their diesel fuel mix. The terminal, located at 17617 Aldine-Westfield Road, has a capacity of 6.7 million gallons of total storage, 420,000 gallons of storage for biodiesel.
At the IFL terminal, the drivers preset an Accuload meter for the requested volume, connect the Scully overfill protection system to their hoses then flip a switch to start pumping the B100. The terminal is always open and accessed with a card key system. The truck loading rack has three bays with the ability to handle five different grades of products including biodiesel. Truck rack vapors are collected and controlled through the use of a flare system. All biodiesel at the IFL terminal meets latest ASTM D6751 standards.
“High volume biodiesel wholesalers and distributors are coming in at all hours of the night, loading up to avoid traffic,” said Jess Hewitt, president of Gulf Hydrocarbon. “Houston is without a source of biodiesel from a major petroleum terminal so our automated 24/7 infrastructure will make the difference in biodiesel being profitable for distributors.”
The launch of biodiesel at this terminal means retail stations and truckstops will now have easier access to biodiesel blends, opening the door to more public pumps in the area. A map of public pumps can be seen at