Truckload carrier Contract Freighters Inc., Joplin, Mo., known as CFI, announced its recent compensation to safe and fuel-efficient drivers.

CFI also awarded safety bonuses to drivers based on consecutive miles without preventable accidents.
According to CFI, company drivers earned safety bonuses totaling more than $1.9 million with 1,627 drivers qualifying for a safety bonus. The largest bonus paid to an individual company driver was in excess of $5,700. Safety bonuses earned by contractors totaled beyond $500,000, with 359 contractors receiving the bonus. The largest individual contractor bonus came to over $6,700.
In December 2004, 176 CFI drivers received fuel bonuses totaling more than $41,000. The largest bonus paid to an individual was over $1,600. In order to receive a fuel bonus, a driver must have an annual average of 6.5 miles per gallon.
CFI, operates more than 2,400 tractors and over 7,400 trailers and transports a variety of goods throughout the contiguous United States and Canada. CFI interlines with Mexican carriers at various border crossings to provide through-trailer service to Mexico.
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