WISH TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis reported Monday that locally based carrier Celadon Trucking plans to use Mexican truck drivers to save money and boost earnings.

“The move could increase Celadon Trucking's profits by as much as 80 cents a share within the next two years, according to President Thomas Glaser,” the station reported.
The U.S. Dept. of Transportation is about to lift regulations that have restricted Mexican truckers from driving farther than 20 miles into the U.S. The rule has forced truckers to switch loads coming from Mexico with Mexican drivers, to trucks driven by American drivers, adding significantly to their expenses.
Trucking firms like Celadon say they will save money and operate more efficiently with the restriction gone. Celadon has long carried cross-border freight.
Besides saving money by not switching loads at the border, the average Mexican driver earns about 14 cents a mile while U.S. counterparts earn 34 cents.