Intermec Technologies Corp., Everett, Wash., announced that Intermec's 700 and 700 Color Series of mobile computers are the first rugged handheld devices to be approved for voice transmission on the AT&T Wireless network.

The computers support Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS) wireless technology and Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), world standards for digital wireless transmissions. They enable users to transmit and receive voice calls and data wherever AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS service is available.
The 700 Series provides AT&T Wireless subscribers with the option of a rugged mobile computer powered by the Microsoft Windows Pocket PC operating system. The devices feature an unmatched range of communications options, including GPRS, and the durability to handle the challenges of real-time daily work, whether on the road, in the field or on the factory floor.
The 700 Color Series of rugged devices features a color display and an imager suitable for reading barcodes, taking photographs and capturing signatures. It also integrates up to three wireless communication options in a single device, including a wireless local Wi-Fi (802.11b) and Bluetooth, an emerging technology for close-range wireless connections.