Menlo Worldwide Expedite!, Redwood City, Calif., has introduced Premium Logistics Management system, or Menlo PLM.

Menlo PLM is a customizable solution that determines the most cost-effective transportation alternatives based on the number of pieces, origin, destination, shipment weight, ready time and carrier tariffs. Through a link to the FAA global satellite tracking service, the system automatically pinpoints the in-transit location of all aircraft and flights at any given time. It provides real-time weather updates, providing alternate routes in the event of weather diversions or airport closures. Customers can connect to Menlo PLM by phone, e-mail or the web.
Menlo PLM is capable of using the customer’s predetermined contracted carriers. Rates and services are loaded into the web-based application with shipments awarded to carriers based upon weighted service and rate criteria as dictated by the customer. The solution can handle carrier contracts and rate negotiations should the customer require outsourcing.
Throughout the life of a shipment, Menlo PLM provides updates based on customer requirements. Menlo PLM’s carriers can provide status reports automatically through the Menlo PLM web portal. Menlo PLM continuously monitors and tracks all shipments and keeps a record of all milestones. Upon delivery of a shipment, Menlo PLM secures and communicates proof-of-delivery information to all required parties.
Menlo PLM is now available for all North American shipments and is planned to be a global solution.
Menlo Worldwide Expedite! is part of the Menlo Worldwide group of leading global supply chain services providers. Menlo Worldwide is owned by CNF Inc.
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