Eaton Corp., Kalamazoo, Mich., has introduced an addition to its line of EatonMD Mobile Diagnostics products.

The new MD-300 series diagnostics PC software quickly diagnoses heavy-duty commercial vehicle electronic systems through an SAE J1587 diagnostic link and a Windows-based graphical interface.
The MD-300 software includes data monitoring, fault codes and reporting. It also can simultaneously monitor several truck components. A graphic vehicle interface displays vehicle components and their status - graphing up to four components individually or up to 15 collectively.
The software also includes a patent-pending category parameter recognition feature that sorts and organizes Parameter Identification (PID) and Message Identification (MID) functions. It eliminates the need for technicians to know and manually enter the MID/PID codes by allowing them to select from a menu, thus saving time.
Additional features include:
-- Retrieving and clearing fault codes
-- Creating custom diagnostics and saving set-ups
-- E-mailing or printing reports directly from the software
-- Easy export of data for further analysis
-- Easily accessible SAE database information
-- Allows for web based solutions and software upgrades
-- Quickly creates, saves and retrieves Vehicle Service Reports with various query abilities
-- Operates on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP
"The experience we've gained in developing diagnostic software has paved the way to allow us to optimally design the MD-300 software for the total heavy-duty vehicle service environment," said Richard Vanslambrouck, Eaton MD Mobile Diagnostics product manager. "This powerful software is faster and easier to use than conventional PC diagnostic software, while providing faster diagnostics that translate to more profits for the service provider. It's like having a virtual truck technician in your shop."
These adaptors are recommended for use with Eaton MD-300 software:
-- Eaton MD-100 series Vehicle Link Adapter
-- Eaton MD-200 series Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner in communication adapter mode.
However, the software can use any RP1210A compatible communication adapter.
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