Teletrac Inc., a leading provider of metro fleet location information systems, has announced an enhancement to the wireless text messaging capability for FleetDirector, its main fleet tracking product.

FleetDirector streamlines operations by enriching real-time communications between drivers and their main office. Drivers now have the ability to instantly send free-form text messages from their message data terminals (MDT) to the dispatcher or fleet manager. Until now, drivers could only choose from pre-programmed messages or limited basic five-digit numeric text, delaying their opportunity to provide unique information collected in the field to the main office until the end of their shift.
Teletrac's FleetDirector system gives fleet managers and dispatchers the ability to view the location of their vehicles in real-time over maps on their computer screen, eliminating the need to manually radio each driver to determine his location. Dispatchers can send drivers free form text messages with instructions or questions to the driver's MDT, which sits on the vehicle's dashboard. The system's enhancement now allows drivers to send free form messages back to the dispatcher, giving their company's main operations the tools to more quickly analyze and utilize critical data collected in the field, answer any questions the driver may have, or respond to new customer needs that may have arisen on the job site.
For more information on FleetDirector's enhanced messaging capability or Teletrac's full line of commercial vehicle location information systems, call (800) 835-3872 or visit Teletrac at