Peterbilt’s medium-duty Model 330 truck can now be converted to a four-door crew cab through a new program by Bentz Transport Products.

"The Model 330 in a crew cab configuration will hold strong appeal for customers requiring the convenience and versatility of additional seating and storage capacity," said Dan Sobic, assistance general manager for Peterbilt. "This will be a particularly attractive option for customers in construction, utility, fire and rescue, wrecker and other vocational applications."
The integrated crew cab seats five and measures 52 inches long and 84 inches wide (at the rear of the cab) for a 160-inch BBC. The roofline is increased by three inches, creating a 61-inch interior height throughout the entire cab.
Customers can specify the crew cab option when ordering a Model 330 through a Peterbilt dealership, and also take delivery of the vehicle – fully modified and completed – from the dealership. The conversion is done by Bentz Transport Products Inc., based in Fort Wayne, Ind.
The conversion uses original Peterbilt parts, such as rear door assemblies, rear corner panels, rear window, interior lighting and grab handles. The styling, integrity and quality that customers expect in a Model 330 are carried throughout the crew cab configuration, both in its exterior and interior fit and finish.
The four-door configuration, combined with rear access steps and grab handles, helps facilitate quick and safe entry to and exit from the vehicle, particularly desirable for emergency crews.
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