Mack Trucks Inc. has introduced InfoMax Wireless -- a new information management and utilization system designed to help fleets cut operating costs.

Using the latest in Wi-Fi short-range wireless technology, InfoMax Wireless allows fleet managers to extract key performance information from their trucks quickly and easily without physically connecting to the actual vehicles.
"InfoMax Wireless has the potential to revolutionize fleet management," said Tom Kelly, vice president of marketing.
InfoMax Wireless starts helping the fleet customer cut costs as soon as a truck returns from its daily run. As the vehicle enters the property, an SRW Module (patent pending) mounted out-of-sight under the dash automatically transmits information from DataMax, Mack's onboard data logger, to a Network Access Point, or NAP, located within the terminal building (typically installed in a ceiling or other concealed location). The NAP receives the information from the truck and forwards it to the customer's computer network. InfoMax software then sorts, analyzes, plots or reports this information in whatever form the customer requires.
A single NAP can handle as many as 127 trucks, eliminating the task of connecting a PC unit to each vehicle to access DataMax information. The data transfer requires no communication fees or licensing agreements, and all transmissions are completely secure. "It's so easy, it's not even necessary to turn on the key to the truck for the data transfer to happen," Kelly said.
The customer specifies what DataMax information is uploaded, how often this is done, and how and to whom the information is reported. Whether it's trip summaries, maintenance and fault information, engine duty cycles, or daily driver stop-n-go activities, InfoMax Wireless provides the specific, customized information fleets need to enhance their profitability.
Typical uses for this data include equipment utilization reports, automated maintenance scheduling, direct input to MPG incentive programs, driver performance monitoring, electronic fault reporting and unauthorized reprogramming tamper detection. And information can flow the other way as well -- customers can reprogram their entire fleet's operational systems simultaneously with a single keystroke.
The range of the InfoMax Wireless system is at least 1,000 feet (direct line-of-sight). Uploading frequency is completely programmable -- once a day, every two days, once a week -- whatever the customer requires. If a truck leaves the wireless range before an upload is complete, the system simply catches it next time around. If a truck enters the range when information is not scheduled to be uploaded, the system simply ignores it.
InfoMax Wireless can also streamline the processing and filing of fuel taxes. Currently, all data on miles driven per state is compiled and processed by hand. With the optional SRW Module GPS package, InfoMax Wireless can automatically tabulate mileage and location coordinates, dramatically reducing IFTA filing costs. This same GPS plug-in also makes it possible to map driver location history.
InfoMax Wireless is available on Mack Vision, Granite and CH models.
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