Qualcomm last week demonstrated advanced security features of its OmniTracs satellite-based mobile communications and tracking system in an effort to show its support of local and national homeland security efforts.

The event, which took place at Qualcomm’s San Diego headquarters, was attended by Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (Calif.), who serves on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and the Select Committee on Intelligence; Warren Hoemann, vice president, California Trucking Association; and Ron Kiripolsky, vice president, Southern Pride Trucking. Also in attendance were representatives from the California Highway Patrol and the City of San Diego Mayor's Office.
Qualcomm also announced that, if requested by the FMCSA, it will broadcast nationwide to truck drivers, a public service warning or notice over its OmniTracs and OmniExpress mobile communications systems.
"Our cooperation with the FMCSA ensures that a safety message can immediately reach more than 250,000 vehicle units that are equipped with the OmniTracs and OmniExpress mobile communications systems,” said Chris Wolfe, president of Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions.
Some of the technology demonstrated during the San Diego event included on-board and wireless panic buttons, driver I.D. authentication and tamper detection alerts, remote disabling of the truck in the event of a security breach due to on-board tamper detection or invalid driver log-in, and geofencing for alerting the trucking company when the vehicle enters restricted areas or leaves its designated route.