Detroit Diesel Monday released a statement saying recent reports in the press about the Oct. 1 emissions standards have “mischaracterized” the company’s readiness to meet the new regulations.

DDC says it will certify the Series 60 engine to comply with the new emissions standards without penalties or aftertreatment devices.
However, the company continues to support concerns voiced by its customers that the trucking industry, and the economy in general, would be well-served by a longer period of fleet test time. That’s why it has challenged the Environmental Protection Agency in court.
As previously announced, DDC will initially make approximately 95% of its current ratings available in October 2002. While Cummins trumpeted its early EPA approval, and Mack recently had its October ’02 engines certified, as well, DDC says it will submit applications for 2002 emissions certification to the EPA approximately 30-60 days in advance of scheduled production – as is its customary practice.