Skybitz and WhereNet Corp. have teamed up to bring a dual mode global tracking solution for intermodal containers to market.

The combined solution, consisting of WhereNet's Real Time Locating System (RTLS) and SkyBitz's Global Locating System (GLS), is capable of tracking and monitoring containers for enhanced security and asset management.
The SkyBitz Service tracks containers over the open road via satellite providing In-Transit Visibility. When combined with WhereNet's RTLS capability, containers can be located and frequently monitored throughout busy ports. RTLS consists of an array of receiving antennas, distributed throughout the yard, which accurately locates and monitors the tracking transmitters. The combined solution provides, for the first time, end-to-end In-Transit Visibility throughout the entire move of the shipping container, according to the company.
The SkyBitz service package includes position location as well as sophisticated data communication capabilities. Event notification, such as en-route container tampering, can alert the SkyBitz Service Center and shipper. SkyBitz says its GLS-based service offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional event-based scanner tracking technology.
"Shipping customers will, for the first time, have the ability to query a system, via the Internet, that can precisely locate an asset and validate a schedule," explains Matthew Schor, president of SkyBitz. "We are excited about adding the WhereNet RTLS capability to our tracking service. Measuring the position of sea containers in the seaport environment is one of the greatest challenges, and WhereNet's RTLS solves this challenge. If you can't locate it, you can't manage it. If you can't manage it you can't run your business."