The National Industrial Transportation League, a shipper's group, will allow any companies involved in freight transportation to become full, voting members.

Called Vision 2020, the proposal was approved by members almost three to one.
"We live in a changed world of freight transportation," said League chairman Van Hayes, manager, transportation support services, Vulcan Materials Company. "While shippers, carriers and third parties will continue to have disagreements, it is in all of our best interests to work together. In the end, the freight transportation system must serve the needs of shippers and we believe Vision 2020 will make it easier for the League to pursue that goal."
League president Ed Emmett noted that the vote will mean major changes in League operations. "The League has long been viewed as the organization which represents shippers interests in regulatory and legislative battles. Where the issues require us to do that, we still will. But, in recent years, there have been fewer and fewer such issues. Now we will become much more visible in a whole range of issues that affect the daily business lives of all parts of the freight transportation industry. Our positive impact for shippers will be far greater in a wider variety of places," he said.
The NITL has been working more closely with trucking companies in recent years. For instance, it was involved with the Truckload Carriers Assn. in developing a "Voluntary Guide for Good Business Relations," which emphasizes reasonable and common-sense treatment of those involved in truck transportation, including shippers/receivers, truck drivers, and motor carriers.