Out-of-state truckers who want to claim Oklahoma as their base registration state can no longer use the address of a third party licensing agent.

New rules, which became effective Feb. 4, prohibit agents or third parties from providing the required place of business. Each registrant must have a physical address in the state where operational records can be made available for audits. If a lease or rental contract for the facility is signed by someone other than the registrant, an original power of attorney must be provided.
A registrant must also have a person or persons conducting business at that address, which cannot be an employee of the licensing agent. There must be a telephone number, located in the structure, which is publicly listed in the registrant’s name. It must be the only listing for that number.
Oklahoma tightened its base state requirements after the International Registration Plan threatened sanctions, including the potential loss of fees collected by other IRP members. Many other states had complained that the use of third-party addresses, coupled with lax auditing procedures, enabled new registrants to pack first year estimates with mileage in low-fee states while shorting high-fee states. After the organization threatened sanctions, Oklahoma adopted an IRP-approved system for first-year estimates.
The state did make it clear that registration agents may still be used to prepare and file applications and other documents. For more information, contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Prorate Section, (405) 521-3036.