Truck drivers and other transportation workers could soon be carrying a national security identification card.
A task force at the U.S. Department of Transportation is developing recommendations for a national security identification card for virtually all transportation workers.

The task force is reportedly concerned that some states, port authorities, shippers and carriers have implemented or are considering their own security ID programs, leading to a need for multiple IDs and background checks for drivers.
The group will recommend "smart card" technology, according to a report from the National Private Truck Council, and the use of a biometric identifier. Some form of background check is contemplated for anyone applying for the card, and the card would likely also contain CDL information so a separate CDL would not be required.
"It is unclear when the government might be able to implement this type of system," notes the NPTC, "and this will depend in large part on how much funding is forthcoming from Congress. It is likely several years away because of the need to develop uniform systems standards, coordinate across multiple institutions and upgrade equipment and software."