Jacobs Vehicles Systems, best known for the Jake Brake engine retarder, has reorganized to better address global trends such as industry consolidation.

The new organization will expand the company's development work in two areas where it has decades of experience with Jake Brakes: valve actuation and vehicle retarding.
The move is in response to the increasing global trend toward consolidation, explains Brian Mauriello, business development manager. "In order to have internal focus on the diverse needs of various applications, we've reorganized in order to create cost-effective technology solutions needed in future heavy-duty product," he says.
"There's a whole slew of different technologies that you can spin off from our core competencies," Mauriello says. "With one customer you may have a retarding device that has nothing to do with the engine. Another customer may need a technology where there is a lot of valve actuation and retarding is only one small function."
"We're still developing Jake Brakes," he says, "but there are more things out there that deal with our core competencies."
In addition, the company is looking down the road at possible applications for retarding or valve actuator technologies outside of the trucking industry, such as light vehicles or off-road equipment.
"We look forward to providing our customers and the end user with more robust technologies of greater value," says Bob Perkins, vice president of marketing and business development.
President Brian Burnett leads the newly organized management team, including Perkins; Dave Smith, vice president engineering; Victor Swint, vice president manufacturing, along with Debbie LeMay, Shelley Roop, Adish Jain and Richard Wachter.