Barely two days after Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill announced they had reached a compromise with the Bush administration over legislation affecting Mexican trucks, the U.S House has approved the measure.

Friday they approved the plan by a 371-11 vote, which is part of the current fiscal year’s transportation funding bill. According to published reports, the compromise is expected to be passed by the Senate early next week.
On Wednesday there was news that leaders of a congressional committee had ironed out compromise legislation, agreed to by the Bush administration, that would ease some restrictions passed this summer by the lawmakers. It removes an outright ban on further access of Mexican trucks passed by the House and lessens tougher rules passed by the Senate, while still enacting tougher rules than originally proposed by the Bush administration, which threatened a veto of the legislation.
This legislation and the newly passed version by the House are all tied to transportation funding bills for the new fiscal year, which began on October 1.