Onboard computer provider Tripmaster, Arlington, Texas, has announced an interface device to link the Tripmaster DT-240/GPS computer with the MobileCast delivery management system
version 5.1 from UPS Logistics Group.
According to the announcement, information from both systems is stored in a handheld computer. The combined data can be transmitted to an office PC over a two-way wireless network or uploaded to a PC when the vehicle returns to its base.
Tripmaster has also announced it will soon release Tripmaster Maps, which will enable route managers and dispatchers to call up a visual reference for each route and see actual progress compared to the route plan. Tripmaster Maps serves as an overlay with Tripmaster Routes software.
Dispatchers can click on any planned stop, state line crossing or other icon to view text boxes containing appropriate information, including early, on-time and late indicators. Tripmaster Maps will also show unplanned or out-of-sequence stops and any exception codes relating to stop status. Additional features provide more detail if needed.