TS&B Holdings, Orlando, Fla., is planning to buy Lucas Truck & Equipment Sales in Medford, Ore.

Lucas Truck & Equipment will develop, through the guidance of TransAtlantic Finance (the investment arm of TS&B Holdings), a consolidation of strategically picked trucking retailers. Acquisitions have been targeted in the Portland, Ore., and Northern California regions. Key companies are expected to be acquired in the growing I-5 corridor market.
"Very few transportation companies have been able to take advantage of increasing their presence and distribution by acquiring competitors," said TS&B Holding's counsel, Charles Giannetto. "Most [of these companies] are privately held, and with the past market so strong, it was rare to find a viable purchase. However, in this new market a few companies see the advantages of increasing market share at a time when prices are low. Lucas Truck and Equipment brings a unique set of skills and experience that can make the difference in a transaction such as this one.”