Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company and CSX Intermodal are now offering seamless intermodal service between Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Texas, and Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

This new service cuts rail transit times in half, from about seven days to three days between DFW and the Ohio Valley; and to four days between Houston and the Ohio Valley.
The new service is squarely aimed at competing with over-the-road trucks.
"Historically, railroads have focused on providing service to the interchange point," says Steve Branscum, group vice president, Consumer Products Business Unit. "Over the past year, through these types of partnerships, we are reaching beyond our core network to design seamless service offerings that directly compete with over-the-road transportation, giving shippers more value for their transportation dollar."
CSXI President Clarence Gooden put it this way: "Our goal is to provide shippers the precision of truck and the value of rail."
To date, BNSF offers seamless intermodal service between California and the Northeast; California and the Southeast; California and Eastern Canada; and now Texas and the Ohio Valley. CSXI offers transcontinental service between the eastern U.S. and major markets in California and the Pacific Northwest, in addition to its comprehensive service in the East.