IdleAire, a new technology designed to allow trucks to get air conditioning and accessory power at truckstops without idling, will be installed at New York's Hunts Point Market.
IdleAire's system will allow truckers to be comfortable without idling.
IdleAire's system will allow truckers to be comfortable without idling.

The Hunts Point project is the first to be funded through Clean Air Communities, a new nonprofit entity designed to bring clean air technologies to "disenfranchised" communities.
The first CAC project is being awarded to Sustainable South Bronx, the New York Power Authority and IdleAire Technologies Corporation to install IdleAire's new truckstop electrification technology at the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, the world's largest wholesale food distribution center.
Initially, the project partners will design, construct and operate a system capable of accommodating 32 trucks on a 24-hour per day basis. At full operation, the 32 bay project is expected to eliminate over 2,000 tons of pollutants each year, including over 15 tons of NOx, 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide and nearly a ton of toxic particulate matter annually.
"Here at Hunts Point Cooperative Market, we are proving that truck/trailer electrification is indeed alive and well," said David Everhart, CEO and Chairman of IdleAire. "When drivers switch off the engine, they save on fuel and maintenance costs, and eliminate noise, vibrations and fumes associated with idling."
EPA Administrator Christie Whitman praised the project, calling Clean Air Communities "a model for innovative public-private partnerships to reduce air pollution right where it is generated."
Clean Air Communities is a partnership between Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Consolidated Edison, and Northeast States Clean Air Foundation/Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management, with guidance from New York City community-based organizations and environmental, health and academic entities. Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM), a nonprofit organization representing the eight Northeast states on air quality issues, is providing program management and staff support for Clean Air Communities.