The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been busy lately, shutting down carriers in Kansas and California.

Curtis W. Hutchison, doing business as C. Hutchison Trucking, St. John, Kan., was put out of service for not following federal safety rules regarding truck drivers. The agency cited him for not having a random drug and alcohol testing program, failing to maintain driver qualification files, failing to maintain driver record checks, failing to require drivers to keep log books, and failing to require drivers to prepare vehicle inspection reports. He had two drivers and five trucks, according to the agency.
The out-of-service order stems from an April 13 compliance review, triggered by a high driver violation rate during roadside inspections and past poor compliance efforts. FMCSA officials told Hutchison the company would get an unsatisfactory safety rating and gave him 60 days to get in compliance. He failed to do so, and until he does, the company cannot legally operate.
In Sacramento, Calif., a hazardous materials hauler was put out of service, reports the Sacramento Bee.
P&K Trucking's April inspection revealed violations ranging from using drivers before drug test results were finished to failing to maintain proper driver logs. The carrier also had insufficient insurance, failed to test drivers for drug and alcohol use after crashes, didn't maintain proper accident reports, used drivers who hadn't had medical examinations and had one driver who illegally had more than one commercial driver's license, according to federal officials.
The company was put out of service this week for not complying with the rules within 60 days.
In the last two years, the agency said, the company, which has 15 trucks, has been involved in five crashes, two of them resulting in injuries.
The shutdowns are the result of new rules that went into effect last November, allowing the FMCSA to put trucking companies out of service if they don't improve an unsatisfactory safety rating within 60 days.