The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company announced that it will offer a new "truck-competitive" intermodal service from Chicago to San Bernardino, Calif.
, with a transit time of 48 hours.
This service, which will begin June 5, 2001, departs Chicago early on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and arrives in San Bernardino early on Thursday and Friday mornings.
"Our less-than-truckload and parcel shippers have historically not been able to use intermodal to a great extent early in the week because of the extreme in-week competitive service expectations. They have had to rely a great deal on expensive team-driver truck transportation," said John Lucas, assistant vice president, Intermodal Direct Marketing.
Currently, BNSF's transit times from Chicago to San Bernardino range from 50 to 54 hours, which do not provide a departure early enough to make in-week deliveries.