For the moving industry, corporate relocations are a big part of their business. And when the economy starts affecting those relocations, it's of prime interest.

Atlas Van Lines' 34th Annual Corporate Relocation Survey found that nearly one-third of the 301 companies responding said external conditions affected the number of employee transfers in their companies during 2000 - with the economy the most significant external factor. This year 85% said the economy was the most significant factor, up from last year's 59%. Domestic competition was also an important external factor.
Another factor reflecting the unsettled economy was that corporate reorganization moved from seventh to third place as an internal factor affecting employee transfers.
More companies - 50% -- reported that at least one employee turned down the opportunity to relocate during 2000. That's compared to 39% the previous year.
More companies than ever have established formal relocation policies, according to the survey, especially among smaller organizations. Overall, 87% -- up from 71% last year - said their companies have a formal relocation policy. The number of small companies with a formal relocation policy jumped nearly 50%, from last year's 54% to 73%.
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