The U.S. Research and Special Programs Administration has delayed final action on its proposal to reduce registration fees for hazardous materials haulers.
Last December, citing a surplus in haz-mat emergency preparedness funds, the agency recommended a temporary reduction, which would drop the fees for small businesses from $275 to $250, and from $1,975 to $475 for all others. All applicants, regardless of size, would continue to pay a $25 processing fee.
However, President Bush’s fiscal year 2002 budget request to Congress proposes to fund a portion of RSPA’s haz-mat safety program from registration fees. So RSPA says it will delay final action on fee changes until enactment of 2002 appropriations.
Small business registrants for the 2001/2002 fiscal year, which begins July 2, will pay a total of $300. All others will pay $2000.