Responding to pressures to reduce the number of trucks coming into the Big Apple, New York Regional Rail Corp. has completed its first "transload facility" at its Bush Terminal Yard in Brooklyn.

The construction of this transload facility will allow for freight destined for the local New York marketplace to arrive by rail and then be off-loaded onto awaiting trucks for local delivery. Similarly, outbound freight can be delivered to the Brooklyn transload facility by truck and then loaded onto railcars for national distribution.
Historically, freight destined for the metropolitan New York market arrived in New Jersey, where it was off-loaded onto trucks and delivered to New York via its bridges and tunnels. New York Regional Rail says the new transload facility will profit from the increased cost of fuel and tolls, as well as the directives of the Port Authority, State & City of New York to reduce truck traffic on its bridges, tunnels and highways. New York officials estimate that there are more than 30,000 truck crossings daily from New Jersey into New York for deliveries or pickups.
New York Regional Rail is a transportation holding company. Its two principal subsidiaries are New York Cross Harbor Railroad and JS Transportation. NYCH's operation enables New York City, Long Island and Southern New England to connect to the national rail freight system. JST is a short-haul regional trucking company.