Mobile communications provider @Track Communications of Richardson, Texas, has introduced a low-cost GPS satellite-tracking product called 20/20V offering truck, load and driver location visibility.

According to @Track, 20/20V provides nationwide truck location reporting and requires no driver interaction. Fleet managers can choose reporting intervals from a number of plans. On-demand position requests are available for individual trucks, fleets or groups within a fleet. Fleet managers see truck-location mapping on the Internet down to street-level detail.
@Track describes the 20/20V unit as a simple, reliable design that easily installs in a truck cab. The system operates from the tractor's battery power and transmits location reports via the Cellemetry Data Service network.
"Companies that have not yet adopted tracking systems because of high equipment and monthly messaging costs can benefit from this new tracking solution," said Michael Brown, director of product management. "We believe that 20/20V meets the market demand for affordable tracking, providing carriers with fleet-location visibility that contributes to better customer service and improved fleet management."
@Track is also the provider of the HighwayMaster Series 5000 system, which is widely used in trucking operations.