RegScan Inc., of Williamsport, Pa., offers new software that helps truckers avoid hazardous materials violations.
The product called HazMat Loader runs on a laptop computer and automatically tracks shipments during loading for compliance.
Loaders enter shipment information into the computer, which returns specific loading instructions and a picture of any necessary placard. Shippers are required to provide the information on the hazardous material shipping manifest.
If a number of hazardous shipments are involved, all necessary placards are displayed. HazMat Loader will warn if one shipment is not allowed on the same truck with a previously loaded shipment.
Of course, the same information can be entered prior to actual loading to ensure various hazmat shipments are compatible on a load. Similarly, law enforcement personnel can enter information from a driver’s manifest to see if a load is in compliance. RegScan says its software can drastically reduce the time it takes to determine if a hazmat load is legal.
According to RegScan, HazMat Loader makes it possible for carriers to confidently handle hazmat shipments they may have routinely turned down.
HazMat Loader is sold on a subscription basis for $600 a year and is updated quarterly. Customers can download the updates from RegScan’s web site, which also offers an online demo.
The software runs on virtually any Windows 95/98, NT or 2000 system. It requires only two megabytes of disk space and a floppy disk or CD reader.