Dart Transit and Fleetline are dropping the Fleetline name and will use Dart Transit Co.

For years, Dart Transit, Eagan, Minn., and Texas-based Fleetline Inc. have marketed as one carrier to shippers, while recruiting owner-operators as two separate carriers.
According to Executive Vice President David Oren, Fleetline was incorrectly perceived in the marketplace as a regional carrier. "We are in reality one national carrier, with many opportunities for independent contractors and fleet drivers." Dart offers national contracts for 48-state operations, dedicated opportunities, regional operations in the North, the South, the state of Texas, plus local cartage and drayage options in many cities.
With nearly 70 years in business, Dart is one of the largest dry van carriers in the nation, operating with over 2,000 contractor-owned tractors and 6,800 carrier-owned trailers.