CarrierPoint, the Atlanta-based Internet freight company, announced the first release of DataDepot, a Web-based data warehouse tool.

Data warehousing is the hot term for the sophisticated data analysis that allows users to spot trends and make reasonable business predictions. This kind of analysis was once available only to large corporations with mainframe computers and a large cache of business data.
Now, however, web-based companies like CarrierPoint can offer the same in-depth analysis to customers who use their site. Customer data, entered during daily operations, is archived to enable the kind of analysis that has come to be called data mining.
According to CarrierPoint, DataDepot’s data mining will help shippers and carriers better analyze their business. DataDepot allows users to gain access to detailed information about their company, industry-wide benchmarking data and standardized management reports using a standard Web browser.
"DataDepot is a real-time data warehouse application delivering powerful logistics data analysis and decision support data via the Web," said Cliff Isaacson, CarrierPoint Chief Technology Officer.
"Data warehouses have been around for years in a client-server environment, but only recently has the technology matured enough to deliver this type of information securely over the Internet. This technology gives management the information they need to fine-tune their supply chains and realize hard-to-find efficiencies."